Yesterday, I once again witnessed one of the biggest problems with online players on live poker. Of course, he will certainly make a profit on the live table, but he mostly gives up on expectations to bolster his self-esteem under certain circumstances. I often have this experience by young players who haven’t been hardened yet. And they tend to regress.

My table was closed because there were no players and I was moved to another table with the other two. There were three Germans sitting and two of them playing together, but that doesn’t matter, just get out of the way! As usual, I wore a patifoker shirt with my name, my darker shirt, and more often my “cheap glitht wristband.” Everyone has his or her own style

After a while, I asked if it was a poker bracelet and refused. As usual, I pushed back to make my story a little more interesting. “I won one-on-one from my mother. Of course, I ended up sharing the bathroom beat. Otherwise, I won’t give her any chance.” And although something felt curt and memorized, when you first heard it, you often see a smile.

Now, he said, “No one can wear a beautiful bracelet. I’d better just give it as a gift.” I just rolled my eyes and didn’t talk anymore. This is just a shipping line.

There is a straddle on the table.It’s called the third blind. I’m going to cut and open – my “friend” is going up again. And I knew he just wanted to play the muscle. So far, he hasn’t played 3bet. I’m waving for 100 big blinds. If I could give you a relatively bright three-bet range. In this case, it’s very light, depending on the bad words that have been said before. “The point is, just because it’s his first three bet, it doesn’t mean she has to be strong!!!

Here comes flop, and I turn monsters into flops that won’t fold anything anymore. He checks, and I see him already checking/folding. Because I almost always go inside the board with my range. He begged 60 percent for the size of a port, and he did. I make sure I didn’t see my hands wrong in the dark room, and of course scream! It’s hard to say what I expected here. Maybe JJ+, T9 or something. Anyway, according to my bet, I don’t have any more folds. And you shouldn’t do that. B. AQ)

River is Qd. And I get my way. Of course, I’m very happy compared to his scope. He spun nine two seconds and we divided the pot. I have 90 percent hand-held capital, and it can give me a good feeling regardless of the consequences. Poker should not focus on results.

So what did he have to do with 9.2 seconds? Yes, he wanted to build up his self-esteem. And he wanted me to show him my hand. But this usually happens only at the expense of one’s own money. Well, if you are in a self-esteem war, make good decisions and not be emotionally affected.

Whatever the result may be, good luck and make many successful decisions:)